USP Services

Asset Valuation Services:

When it comes to the real estate, history witnesses that asset valuation services play a critical role in the actual assessment of the property value. Asset valuation services are highly relied upon when it comes to legal proceedings, contract issues, insurance settlements and many other factors. It can create a great difference between reaching a critical goal either about securing a loan, choosing among the best asset, closing a sale or failing to achieve it all together.

Asset valuation is important to do on regular basis for some specific reasons. One of these reasons is due to tax purposes. When you get a valuation, you are provided with following integral information:

  1. Open Market/fair Value – disposal/acquisition of assets/asset finance
  2. Residual Values
  3. Forced Sale Value – auction sale values
  4. Depreciated Replacement Value – for purpose of accounting and balance sheet purposes
  5. Residual Values – for accounting purposes
  6. Existing Use value – Transfer of assets in going concern business

As an important initiative of USP, that could benefit a large number of NRI/PIO community, who could be an investor or an owner of a property in India and aim for good returns on each. USP aims to serve the NRI and PIO with the property valuation/asset valuation may it be residential, agricultural, commercial and much more.

With over years of experience and expertise in the asset valuation industry, we know that we are able to serve you with the comprehensive valuation of assets every time. We aim at handling valuations on both businesses, home and other real estates.

Asset Buying/Selling Services:

Assets are something that serves your returns lifetime. But asset and real estate in India are not easy to like before. The astounding growth of the real estate assets has attracted the interests of NRI and PIO community more than ever. Also when it comes to buying and selling of property in India, it’s a very cumbersome and complicated process for NRI and PIO community. Official documents, legal proceedings and contract dealing are quite a hard enough to handle without the expert’s view.

NRI/PIO are liable to blindly going by the price quoted by the real estate firms/consultants or brokers, real estate related websites. Buying and selling the property without actual assessment and valuation might take you to the doors of forgery or one may not able to find the actual value of the property. Many a time’s cases arrive when an NRI/PIO community seeks for purchase and selling of assets and real estate based on the advertisements in media. It’s a common stake that brokers and real estate dealers highlight only positive aspects of the property and conceal the negative aspects. It may also be possible if:

  1. The property under the advertisement relies on the close vicinity of a burial ground, bad area or dump yard.
  2. Also, many cases are found that the property or the land involved in the transaction is not suitable for the residential construction.
  3. Maybe the land is sold or purchased on illegal aspects.

In such a scenario, only an experienced professional and experts can assess the actual picture of the property and expose the positive and negative factors of the deal. The USP experts are experienced with day to day purchases and deep knowledge about industry and help in following aspects:

  1. Judging the actual worth of the property after proper assessment.
  2. Help to make informed investment decisions.
  3. Service providers keep a regular eye on upcoming projects and help in availing financial support and respectively required assistance.
  4. Completes legal formalities, documentation and other activities to the selling and purchase of the property.

Assessing Ancestral Properties:

There are lots of people among NRI and PIO community who have settled abroad and never have been to India for a long a time. They have no correct knowledge of the current value of the ancestral property. USP serves the need to dispose of the assets and property of ancestors in India with the best-quoted price.

In most of the cases, the ancestral properties are shared by the family members and the legal heirs under valid documentation.

In specific situations, the individuals or legal heirs holding the share might want to learn or asses the real estimation of the property for the development purpose of an upright deal. Hence an experienced professional needs to assess the feasible estimation of the property.

When the ancestral property turns out to be an agricultural land/estate/property, it is very important to carry out the survey of the land before selling or purchasing the property. This survey and correct assessment of the property is done by the USP experts. The experts perform the assessment with the latest and updated survey equipment.

  1. The USP team helps to explore the actual land available to the extent available in the sale/purchase of government records.
  2. The USP professionals are expertise in Civil with a good experience of appraisal and the collective knowledge about each and every aspect. The makes sure that the working process runs smoothly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the industry.

Investing in a business with underlying asset:

A financial specialist who has a tendency to put right resources into a business with the underlying asset would propose to consider the genuine worth of the business/resource. For this particular situation, the financial specialist may not be the proprietor of that underlying asset. As a matter of interest over the asset, the investor or the financial specialist may require a fair and reasonable and assessment and valuation before investing in the business with the underlying asset.

Unpracticed financial specialists regularly have a tendency to confound the ideas of “equitable esteem” and “market cost.”

USP professionals would help the investors to estimate the actual market value of the property that would help the investor to crack the business deal at a cost beneath that estimated value.