Supreme Court puts a stay on the illegal buildings of Delhi

NEWS in brief

For all the builders in New Delhi it is a news that might stir you a bit. Taking a tough call, the Supreme Court has issued a stay on all the illegal buildings that were constructed in violation of the law. After this verdict there are about 1797 colonies that are going to be effected by this verdict. The court has asked the central government to take an immediate action on this and vacant all the land that comes under either public land or on roads. All the buildings made on such lands will be dismantled within two weeks.

Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta firmly said that no builder or person is allowed to continue building houses by violating the law. He added to this by saying that the government cannot just sit back and see people doing so, hence this is the best step that could have been taken.
Senior Advocate Ranjit Kumar and A.D.N Rao assisted the court with this decision and told them that poor people are taking the advantage of this illegal building which should be stopped and hence the bench after this stopped the construction that was taking place in any unauthorized colony of Delhi.
There was a similar verdict back in 2004, where the court asked to stop the construction in any public land but at that point the civic agencies failed to carry out this. The outcome of which was misaligned colonies and irregular houses segments.

What DDA has to say

The Supreme Court also added by saying that even after the government decided to regularize these colonies, structures where still build in the violation of the law and all these building will be unprotected. Agreeing to this the Delhi Government as well as the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) said that they would demolish these building as they are being a boulder in the development of the capital city of the country.

The solicitor general Maninder Singh, while appearing for Delhi Development Authority, told the bench authority not to provide any reprieve to the illegal building and that they should be demolished as soon as possible. He said that, there should be no pardon for them even if the colonies are regularized. If people would want to comply for any building they will have to go according to the law. Regularizing will be approved for only those buildings that will are build according the law (Bylaw). And the people living in those structure will have to take approval from the officials who are in charge for their buildings.

Whats New

According to him, if there were 2 floors in a building previously, and if now there is an addition of 1 more floor then this extra floor has to go.
The government also pleaded in front of the Supreme Court to vacate on amendments according to the city’s Master Plan of 2021. But the court denied it saying that the government first will have to prove that it is bonafide. And they have posted the decision for this to 2 weeks. First they are hitting it hard on the illegal structure’s evacuation.

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