Is it the right time to invest in property in Delhi NCR

Every time you go to buy a house what haunts your mind is a huge down payment and then EMI’s for several years. The real estate world is ever fluctuating and has no fixture as to when will it hike or go to a barren low. According a survey that was carried out in the end of September 2017 there were more than 1, 00,000 houses that were vacant or unsold.

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Due to this the prices of the property in Delhi-NCR region dropped by 2% as compared to that of the previous survey that took place in the second half of the year 2016. While the housing department in the Noida, Greater Noida region saw a dip of 1% the Gurugram region experienced a severe blow of 2% dip in the property department. This piece of information tells us that we can surely invest in the property.

In the initial phase, the problem behind the falling prices of houses was the irregular connectivity and conveyance problem that people had to face while living in NCR. But now as the metro is expanding and the complete NCR is going to be well connected with its invasion, things are looking to be more sorted. In the coming time, the prices would go high so it would be wise if you invest in property right now.

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There are few myths that people have in their mind but should not keep them.

  1. Always have to give a huge down payment

First things first, this is the biggest problem that one has in their mind. People usually back off from investing in property because they think that they will have to put in a lot of cash. But this is not true. It is one of the pre-defined mindsets that people have and this should change. If you are holding yourself down thinking that you will have to pay a lot of money in the initial stage while investing in property in Delhi-NCR then you are mistaken. They are very affordable. But still if you find the investment out of your reach you can choose the third party approach, it will be really low in price.

  1. It bears a lot of risks. Isn’t it?

You would have heard it from many people, even your parents that real estate is a risky investment. Indeed it is but not in the matter of property. Moreover, if I ask you that what kind of investment is safe in this world? None! But buying a property in Delhi-NCR when it is cheaper is the best investment for you.

  1. Right House

Even when you have the house of your choice you are never satisfied. Are you? The investment in property at this time will be a good choice and would definitely give you good returns in future.

If you are serious about buying a property in Delhi-NCR (even if you are planning to do so) this is the right time for it. Don’t sit back and think much just go for it because what you invest now will be a marginal cost to what you will get later on in the coming years.

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