Real Estate Noida in 2020

If someone would have asked me about the ongoing as well as the upcoming projects of real estate in Delhi-NCR a few years back from now, I would not have been able to give any answers. India is still a developing country. India has taken a lot of time recovering from the socialist hangover after independence. With a fluctuating GDP, we can say that the country has to figure out a lot of things and the officials have a lot on their plate. Now Delhi is seeing development at a very fast pace due to which it is being over crowded. People are shifting to the NCR region which is still not organized properly.

If you take a look at the occupied land of city Noida, there are many projects which are still going on since 3 years and longer. Sometime back there was news in the market which told that Noida is one of the cities in NCR that will garner the highest proportion of demand by the end of the year 2020.

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The broad expressway and metro connectivity makes buying an office place or residential in Noida the best decision right now. The Noida territory is one of the most prospering cities at the moment. You can find everything at your nearest. There is a lot of commercial development, affordable houses for rent and buying purpose.

In recent times the investors and builders have assured of good returns in the real estate Noida until 2020. They have promised for providing housing to every urban citizen in the city. The projects become bigger and more fruit bearing by the connectivity of the metro line. According to the new project of Delhi – NCR Metro, it will be connecting Delhi – Noida- Greater Noida which is going to have a great impact on the real estate world.

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Greater Noida is referred to as the well-established market for real estate also it provides affordable options to home-buyers in the NCR. Moreover, as discussed above the biggest drawback of this place was its connectivity with the nearby places which is solved by the smooth functioning of the metro. Connectivity was the basic reason why property value was not up to the mark. The value never matched the expectations that the businessmen had. But now this scenario is going to change. All the commercial, as well as residential buildings in the region, got a boon and so did real estate. Isn’t it a reason to thrive for? Yes, indeed it is.

But then smooth connectivity is obviously going to raise the prices. Be it for rent or buying. The housing segment will see a great raise but if you are in a search of office place you might be able to save some money.

Now, it’s a time where people are shifting to NCR region as they have everything there. Let’s hope the real estate keeps its promise and make a good return for people and the impact remains positive.

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