Are you looking for Asset Valuation services? USP introduces its Asset Valuation services to the NRI/ OCI and PIO community for their property in India.

We are professionals with years of experience and expertise in:

  1. Asset Buying and Selling: We serve the whole ambit of selling and buying of your assets and properties in India. We shall assist you in listing and valuation of properties for both buying and selling. We also assist you in taking the physical possession of the property.
  2. Investing in a business with Underlying Asset: Get your asset/business to the best market value.
  3. Assessing Ancestral Properties: Assess and takeover of the ancestral property.
  4. Legally Disputed Property, etc.

USP also offers the following services:

  1. Ballpark Asset Valuation
  2. Detailed Due Diligence
  3. Valuation and advisory services for alternate use
  4. Site Assessment and Valuation
  5. Asset/Business – Custodianship and Management Services

Other Major Services of USP includes:

  1. Business and Project Finance Advisory
  2. Building/Warehouse/Construction Materials
  3. New Technology Oriented Project